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coastal development permit

Summary of Activities
Newport Banning Ranch, LLC Application Received:
(1) 02/01/2013 – CCC NOIA sent 03/01/2013
NBR, LLC Supplemental Materials Received:
(2) 05/17/2013 – CCC NOIA sent 06/14/2013
(3) 07/08/2013 – CCC NOIA sent 08/07/2013
(4) 11/08/2013 – CCC NOIA sent 12/06/2013
(5) 01/10/2014 – CCC NOIA sent 02/07/2014
(6) 05/01/2014CCC NOIA sent 06/05/2014

06/12/2014NBR,LLC files an appeal of the Commisson's determination that their application is incomplete

(7) 10/30/2014 - NBR, LLC sends response to the CCC's NOIA (06/05/2014). The letter claims that all threshold issues have been resolved and the CDP should now be considered to be complete. The response also essentially added materials based on previous CCC requests - CCC sends yet another NOIA to NBR LLC outling all areas that require more documentation 11/26/2014.

NBR, LLC Supplemental Materials Received: .
(8) 03/05/2015 - CCC NOIA sent 04/03/2015

(9) 04/29/2015 – CDP application is considered complete by the CCC. Public hearings were held in October of 2015 and the Coastal Commission directed staff to work with the developer to come up with a "scaled-down" development plan.(?)(?) No one is quite sure what this means or what can be expected....

(10) 09/20/2015 – Oil Consolidation CDP sent to the CCC by the developer. (please note: this is a very large (25MB) file.

(11) 10/30/2015 – Notice of Incomplete application (NOIA) sent to the developer by the CCC .

(12) 11/04/2015 – A revised "scaled-down" version of the project is submitted to the CCC by the developer.

(13) ?Date Unknown? - CDP application withdrawn by the NBR Developer

(14) Hearing scheduled for March, 2016

(15) NBR developer requests hearing delay. Hearings now scheduled for May 12, 2016.

(16) NBR developer requests hearing delay.

(17) Hearing is scheduled for September 2016.

(18) Coastal Commission denies permit (vote - 9-1), September 07, 2016

(19) Oil well consolidation CDP approved by Coastal Commission December 09, 2016.

* NOIA = Notice of Incomplete Application

Please Note: All of the above information applies only to the development phase of the CDP. A separate CDP has been applied for all work that applies to the oil field consolidation process.

**** A complete Newport Banning Ranch timeline is also now available!

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