Great Horned Owl
A pair of owls hunt daily on the
Banning Ranch property
photo - 12/07/2018


There are many, many Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, and even Fish that are thriving on the Banning Ranch property. For a complete list of the wildlife that fall into this category please visit the Biology page of the SNBR Website.
It is very important to know there are 76 wildlife species that can be found either on the Banning Ranch Property or in the vicinity that are endangered (Federally and/or State of California), are on the State Fully Protected List, are listed as a State Species of Special Concern, and/or are on the State Species Watch List.
Please visit the Endangered Species page for the complete list of wildlife that fall into this category. There are links within this list that contain detailed information about some of the endangered species as well as which species have been observed on the property. Bear in mind that some of this information may not be entirely accurate as the data is taken directly from the EIR that was submitted by the developer.


newport banning ranch update....

The would-be developer of Banning Ranch will pay the Banning Ranch Conservancy $1.25 million in attorneys' fees in a settlement of a lawsuit the conservancy filed over the now-shelved Newport Beach housing, hotel and retail development. The California Supreme Court sided with the Banning Ranch Conservancy last year in its argument against the adequacy of the project's environmental impact report, ultimately leading to the city's revocation of approvals to build on part of the 401-acre swath of coastal scrub and grasslands at Newport's western edge. Much of the site has been occupied by oil operations for decades. Michael Mohler, project manager for developer Newport Banning Ranch LLC, said the company "will continue to evaluate all options that could lead to accelerated cleanup of the oilfield and public access to the property. Banning Ranch Conservancy will be included in those discussions." ...........(Daily Pilot - 03/30/2018)